SSi Ltd

Welcome to SSi.

SSi is in business to provide organisations with control and efficiency services through the delivery of software. Since 1981 we have been providing business software that gives more control over business operations by providing better access to important business information.

SSi develop and support software products of our own, GlobalBake and GlobalEquip, and we also build products that other companies sell and support.

We promise our customers:

  • To provide a professional service backed with integrity and
  • To ensure that clients' requirements are properly analysed and understood and we provide a solution that delivers real value.
  • To provide systems where the information presented is simple,
    clear and helps the business make better decisions.
  • To only recommend and market equipment
    that in our professional opinion will meet their
  • To provide an on-going commitment to
    each client in terms of support, backup
    and system growth.